Table of Contents for Oracle Application FrameWork(OAF)

    1. Introduction to OA Framework 
    2. Architectural Components of OA Framework
    3. The Java Tech Stack for OA Framework
    4. MVC Design Pattern?
    5. Encapsulation The "Reuse Onion"
    6. BC4J Package Naming Standards 
    7. Application Modules
    8. Entity Objects 
    9. View Objects 
    10. Association Objects 
    11. View Links 
    12. How to Setup JDeveloper
    13. How To Setup OA Framework ToolBox Tutorial in OAF
    14. Hello World OAF Page.
    15. How to Develop Search OAF Page
    16. How to Create Insert ,Update, Delete OAF Page
    17. How to Create Transient VO in OAF
    18. How to Invoke API from OAF Page
    19. How to Invoke Custom API from OAF Page
    20. How to Capture/Handle Button Click Event In OAF
    21. How to Deploy OAF Pages in R12.1.X and R12.2.X
    22. How to Bounce Apache in R12.1.X and R12.2.X
    23. Personalization and Customizations in OAF
    24. VO Extension
    25. EO Extension
    26. CO Extension
    27. Deploy Extensions in Oracle Apps Instances
    28. Disable/Delete Personalization

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